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Program Website Degree  Application Deadline
Applied Psychology BS

Jan. 1, 2018

Internal- April 1, 2018

Global Public Health/Applied Psychology BS

Jan. 1, 2018

Internal- April 1, 2018

B.S. Program in Applied Psychology 

The Bachelor of Science Program in Applied Psychology is an interdisciplinary program designed to teach students to bridge psychological theory, research, and practice in a multicultural world.  The program provides students with hands-on learning experiences that help them understand the range of work environments within the human services professions and the many ways that psychology and counseling are applied in both research and real-world settings—invaluable knowledge that helps our students make informed career decisions.

B.S. Program in Global Public Health/Applied Psychology 

The Global Public Health/Applied Psychology major provides interdisciplinary training that bridges psychological theory, research, and practice with public health principles with the goal of improving health outcomes among diverse populations. The major links to the mission of the Department of Applied Psychology -- to prepare students both to understand and to intervene in human development across contexts and cultures.

Sample Courses
Course Name Sbjct Cd Catalog Cd
Introduction to Psychology and Its Principles  APSY-UE  2
Community Psychology   APSY-UE  5
Developmental Psychology  APSY-UE  10
Social Psychology  APSY-UE  13
Personality Theories  APSY-UE  19
Human Development I  APSY-UE  20
Human Development II: Application for Early Childhood Educators  APSY-UE  21
Human Development II: Application for Childhood Educators  APSY-UE  22
Human Development II: Early Adolescents and Adolescents  APSY-UE 23
Research Methods in Applied Psychology I  APSY-UE 25
American Sign Language I  ASL-UE 91
American Sign Language II  ASL-UE 92
American Sign Language III  ASL-UE 93
American Sign Language IV  ASL-UE 94
Independent Study   ASL-UE 1000
Independent Study  APSY-UE 1000
Counseling Interview  APSY-UE 1012
Educational Psychology  APSY-UE 1014
Psychology and Social Change APSY-UE 1032
Mental Health: Historical, Social, and Political Perspectives  APSY-UE  1031
Abnormal Psychology  APSY-UE  1038
Women and Mental Health: A Life-Cycle Perspective  APSY-UE 1041
Cultures of Psychology  APSY-UE 1050
Psychosexual Aspects of Human Behavior  APSY-UE  1081
Sexual Identities Across the Lifespan   APSY-UE 1110
Seminar in Applied Psychology I: Introduction  APSY-UE 1123
Seminar in Applied Psychology II: Principles and Practices  APSY-UE 1124
Fieldwork in Applied Psychology III APSY-UE 1125
Research Methods in Applied Psychology II  APSY-UE 1137
Human Learning  APSY-UE 1214
Social Intervention in Schools and Communities  APSY-UE 1270
Developmental Psychology Across the Lifespan  APSY-UE 1271
Adolescent Development  APSY-UE 1272
Families, Schools, and Child Development  APSY-UE  1278
Child Development and Social Policy in a Global Society  APSY-UE  1279
Parenting and Culture  APSY-UE  1280
Group Dynamics  APSY-UE  1620
Multicultural Counseling and Mental Health APSY-UE 1682
Honors Seminar in Applied Psychology I  APSY-UE  1995
Honors Seminar in Applied Psychology II  APSY-UE  1996
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