Study Abroad: South Africa

Courses: Educational and Social Reform; International Perspectives of Higher Education: South Africa
South Africa Locations: Cape Town and Tshwane (formerly Pretoria)
Session: Summer Session (July)
Professor: Dr. Teboho Moja

The Department of Administration, Leadership, and Technology, in conjunction with the University of Pretoria in South Africa, offers an intensive 6-point summer study abroad program that focuses on education reforms that have been implemented following major social reforms in South Africa. The course is relevant for people with broad interests in education reform issues, including educational administrators, teachers, researchers, policy analysts, and anyone interested in learning about other cultures and other educational systems.

The program will visit K-16 institutions and educational facilities that offer a unique perspective on how South Africa is changing post-Apartheid. The group will see economically advantaged as well as economically disadvantaged universities and schools. In addition to the visits to educational facilities, the group will, also, see the beauty of this country through its travels. The program will explore cultural centers and museums to get a deep understanding of the issues facing South Africa today, and gain insight into the role that education is playing in its continued development. The program begins in Cape Town and ends in Tshwane (formerly Pretoria).

Full-Time Student Perspective: Amber Lodman (M.A. '14)  

Amber LodmanThe South Africa study abroad program was distinct because of the hearty contextual experience it provides. Yes, South Africa is a beautiful country and its story frames a powerful narrative. You will visit schools, meet people, become acquainted with a culture and gain knowledge of a young democracy. Consider what you will bring there and what you may carry back. l met people and captured moments that influenced who I want to be to the world. That was compelling. Do consider cost, but greatly consider investing in an experience, one which I am carrying throughout life.

*South Africa photos by Jimmy Suarez (M.A. '12) and Marc Anthony Caporiccio (M.A. '14)