What's the difference between full-time and part-time admissions for the ECT Ph.D.? Are my chances better if I pick one or the other?

Our full-time Ph.D. program, because it is high quality and fully funded, is extremely competitive. This helps ensure that our doctoral students have the support they need to become exceptional scholars, which involves not only course work but also professional apprenticeship and scholarly work. While we get dozens of applicants, we can only admit a few per year.

Our part-time Ph.D. program is a special option typically reserved for prospective students who have unique circumstances in which scholarship is compatible with their professional life: for example, someone employed in a research-oriented workplace who can combine their scholarship with their "day job." While part-time admissions are not as restrictive as full-time admissions, we only consider people who can combine their work and scholarly lives. Part-time Ph.D. students are *not* guaranteed any NYU funding whatsoever (although standard US government financial aid would be applicable). Please note that all students, including part-time Ph.D. students, are required to maintain continuous enrollment for the duration of their program, and must complete within 10 years.