What should I do if I have more questions about applying to the ECT, DMDL or G4L program?

First, make sure you have read the program website (including this FAQ) and the Steinhardt Graduate Admissions Guide. If you have questions after this about the admissions or application process, including financial aid, test scores, the online application system, whether your application is complete, etc. you should email steinhardt.gradadmissions@nyu.edu. If you have questions not answered on our website about what the program is like, academic requirements, visiting a class, etc., contact ectdmdl@nyu.edu. Finally, please consider attending an admissions information session, webinar, or a program event; not only will you be able to ask questions in person but you’ll also be able to meet our faculty, students, and/or alumni.

Unfortunately, because our department receives hundreds of applications per year, and out of deference to the needs of our existing students, we can not routinely schedule one-on-one pre-admissions counseling.