What's the difference between the MA program (DMDL) and the MS program (G4L)?

Our M.A. in Digital Media Design for Learning (DMDL) prepares professionals who design, implement and evaluate a wide range of multimedia for learning, including educational web environments, video drama and documentary, and other genres in digital form.  The M.S. in Games for Learning (G4L) is a distinct program in that it explicitly emphasizes the design, implementation and evaluation skills unique to games for learning.    

Similarities between the programs include: total number of credit hours; the year-long thesis capstone project; core courses in educational technology and cognitive science; and the same core faculty.  Both are housed in the department of Administration, Leadership, and Technology within NYU Steinhardt. Neither program is more 'technical' than the other; both provide opportunities for students to choose, according to their career goals, whether or not to take programming or technology development courses. Similarly, either program can be more focused on research (as a gateway to doctoral studies) or design and application (as an entry to professional work).

One difference between the programs is that students in the DMDL program will take most of their courses within the Steinhardt educational technology programs; students in the G4L program are required to take more gaming classes from across the university.

Students who are interested in games for learning, but would prefer the breadth of the DMDL program, can major in DMDL with a concentration in games for learning by taking a certain number of gaming-related electives from within our programs.