What are the other games-related programs at NYU? How do they differ?

The M.S. in Games for Learning (G4L) is a distinct program in that it explicitly emphasizes the design, implementation and evaluation skills unique to serious games and games for learning.   This program draws on other games-related degrees, courses, and research at NYU.

Other gaming-related degrees include the following (all housed at the MAGNET facility):

Other programs at NYU that offer gaming-related courses include:

We also collaborate with other games-related initiatives at NYU. For example:

  • The NYU Game Center, housed in the Tisch School of the Arts, supports events and collaborations with the gaming industry and games scholars (housed at MAGNET)
  • The Games for Learning Institute hosts research on serious games and learning (distributed institute with a presence at MAGNET)
  • The Game Innovation Lab hosts research on innovation through games
  • CREATE, the Consortium for Research and Evaluation of Advanced Technologies in Education
  • dolcelab, the Lab for the Design of Learning Collaboration, & Experience (housed at MAGNET)