Educational Communication and Technology

Adjunct Faculty: Alex Britez

Alex Britez is the Director of Digital Innovation at Macmillan Learning. He leverage more than 20 years of design and development experience, along with a MA in Digital Media Design for Learning to craft educational experiences for students across higher education.

Spending his early early year working as a lead interactive developer for companies such as Viacom, Nike and Puma, Alex decided to focus specifically on educational product development after working on a few projects for Scholastics and several pharmaceuticals looking to help train their employees on a variety of topics. Since then, he has worked on projects for Pearson, McGraw Hill and has spent 7 years at Macmillan Learning.

As Director of Digital Innovation, Alex maintains a close relationship with academic researchers, students and instructors across the country in an effort to understand and empathize with the problems they face in and outside of the classroom. He and his team take an outcome based approach to design, always looking to create experiences that are tightly coupled to academic and customer development research, and test those design through a rapid prototype iteration process which ranges from low fidelity mockups through functional code.