Payments to Students

Administration and Finance

Payments to Students

This guideline is not for the performance of regular paid employment, stipends, or scholarships.


  1. Store gift cards or bank pre-loaded debit cards are cash equivalents and therefore taxable. Non-cash and non-cash equivalent gifts of property valued at less than $400 are not taxable.
  2. GLACIER is a tax treaty evaluation database for non-resident aliens. Tax treaty with home country determines taxability and whether 1042-S and/or W-2 will be issued at year end.
  3. Original receipts must be provided.
  4. The Steinhardt Payroll Group at PeopleLink will determine the appropriate appointment process. Please include the student's name, N Number, description of work to be performed, date(s) and duration of work, chartfield, and whether the work assignment is one-time or recurring. Graduate students performing work may be eligible for the union so this memo must be received as soon as possible to ensure compliance with the union contract.
  5. Applies to work performed of less than one week in duration or a few hours a few times per semester. Send a memo to for work longer in duration or if you are unsure whether student is or ever was on NYU payroll.

Updated December 14, 2016
April 20, 2015