Incident Reporting

Administration and Finance

Incident Reporting


Fire, Police, and Emergency Medical Service:

  • Call 911 to reach New York City emergency services
  • Then call NYU Public Safety at 212-998-2222 (8-2222 from campus phones) to report the emergency

For non-life threatening medical needs requiring first aid or urgent care:

For urgent mental health needs:

Incidents Involving Students' Well-Being

  • If a student is in immediate danger of hurting him/herself or others, call 911.
  • If a student expresses (either verbally or in written work) thoughts or impulses to hurt him/herself or impulses to harm others wihout any immediate, visible plan or intent, keep the student where he or she is, call the Wellness Exchange at 212-443-9999 and request an urgent assessment.
  • If the student is not at imminent risk, but you are worried about the student's or the community's well-being, please reach out to the Wellness Exchange at 212-443-9999 in order to seek advice on how to help the student.
  • If the incident involves NYU Steinhardt students, the Office of Student Affairs should also be notified as well at 212-998-5065 or

 Incident / Injury Protocol

View or download a pdf version of the Steinhardt Incident/Injury Protocol

  • For a life- or limb-threatening medical or mental health emergency:
    • Call 911
    • Then contact Public Safety (8-2222 from campus phones) and inform them of the situation and that you have contacted 911
  • For a non life-threatening injury requiring first aid or urgent care:
    • Contact Public Safety (8-2222 from campus phones)
    • Seek medical attention at an urgent care center:
      • If near Washington Square (New York City campus), the NYU Student Health Center - Urgent Care Reception Desk is located at 726 Broadway, Third Floor. If possible, someone should contact the Urgent Care Reception Desk at (212) 443-1000 in advance to notify them that the injured is coming.
      • Departments should identify a nearby Urgent Care facility if you are not near the Washington Square campus or in the event that you need urgent care after NYU Student Health Center Urgent Care center is closed.
  • Students and employees should not transport an injured individual to a hospital or urgent care center—request assistance from Public Safety. You might accompany the individual (if permitted by Public Safety or an ambulance).
  • For Public Safety transport to NYU Student Health Center, call the Urgent Care Reception Desk at (212) 443-1000 in advance to verify they can treat the injured.
  • If a work-related injury, employees may be treated at NYU Student Health Center – Urgent Care.  Call the Urgent Care Reception Desk at (212) 443-1000 in advance to notify them that the employee is coming.
  • If an employee (including student employees) has a work-related injury, and even if the employee did not receive medical care, a supervisor or HRO must complete the NYU Work Related Incident / Injury Form within three (3) days from the date of the incident. This form must be completed even if the injured employee did not lose time from work and even if the employee does not want to file a claim.
  • All injuries, accidents, or near-miss incidents (an accident where no injury may have occurred but potential for injury is high) should be reported on Steinhardt’s Incident/Injury Report Form.
  • Departments should post a note in every First Aid kit to fill out the Steinhardt Incident/Injury Report Form when items have been removed for first aid treatment.
  • Send Steinhardt Incident/Injury Report to Randy Susevich, Safety Specialist: scan & email to or fax to 5-3474.
  • Keep emergency numbers posted near all phones. Contact Randy Susevich, Steinhardt Safety Specialist at 212-992-6733 for suggestions.

Facilities Related Emergencies

If the problem is urgent call the FCM Helpdesk immediately at 212-998-1001. 

Then report the emergency by email to:

This might include situations such as flooding or a dangerous structural or other environmental issue. Please consider the personal safety of yourself and others around you—evacuate in the event of a dangerous situation and contact NYU Public Safety.


Damage, Loss, or Theft of NYU or Personal Property

In the event of any:

  1. Loss or theft of NYU property,
  2. On-campus loss or theft of personal property, or
  3. Damage to any property resulting from a criminal act

the following offices and individuals should immediately be notified:

  • Your supervisor
  • Department Chair or Director (if not your direct supervisor)
  • NYU Office of Public Safety
  • New York City Police Department
    911 (9-911 from campus phone), unless informed by the Office of Public Safety that they have or will contact the police
  • NYU Department of Internal Audit
    212-998-2772 (if uncertain whether this is an issue for Internal Audit, check with the Office of Public Safety)
  • David Wong, Steinhardt Office of Administration and Finance

Ethical or Fiscal Misconduct

To report ethical of fiscal misconduct, contact NYU's Compliance Reporting Line toll free at 877-360-7626. You may also submit a report online.

Reports of alleged sexual, disability, or discriminatory harassment should be directed to the Office of Equal Opportunity at 212-998-2375.

All reports will be handled by the appropriate University officials as promptly and discreetly as possible.


Additional Contacts

After emergency personnel have been notified or in non-emergency situations, please contact the following University and NYU Steinhardt offices.


Keep Informed

NYU maintains several systems to alert employees and students of emergencies and provide updates and instructions. These include:

  • Texts to Your Mobile. Please make sure that your mobile telephone number is up to date via ePass Self-Service (for employees) or Albert (for students).
  • Information Alerts. Bookmark this site for updates on and detailed information about University operations when disruptions or emergencies occur.
  • Email. In the event of a disruption or emergency, monitor your University email account for important messages.
  • Twitter. Follow @nyuinfoalert.
  • Facebook.
  • Information Hotline: 212-998-1220 (8-2222 should be reserved for reporting medical or mental health emergencies)

Updated August 13, 2013