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Additional guidelines and best practices for going green as well as links to University policies will be added to this page periodically. One way to stay on top of the latest developments and get involved in NYU's sustainability efforts is to become a Sustainability Advocate.

The three important words to keep in mind: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

More in depth information on NYU's recycling and sustainability efforts can be found at:

FCM Recycling Services
7 East 12th Street, 1st Floor
Tel: 212 995 3357

NYU Sustainability Office
740 Broadway, 6th Floor
Sustainability Office Contacts



Turn off your computer, monitor and printer at the end of the day 

Have a look around your work area right now. How many monitors, speakers printers, lights, etc. are plugged into your power strip (or strips)?

Each of these devices is drawing a small amount of power all year long. Every night, weekend and holiday -- about 70% of the time -- they are hard at work even when you are not.

Give them a break and power them down before you leave for the day. Consider plugging everything (other than your computer) into a single power strip. Keep it within reach and power down all of these items with a single switch.

Switch to a Water Filter-Cooler System
If your department is currently using a wasteful 5-gallon jug cooler, consider switching to a Nestle Water Filter-Cooler system. Save money, energy, and, possibly, your back. And the water tastes great. Stop by the Office of Administration & Finance any time for a free sample. 
To learn more, read  "So you want a water filter-cooler...what's the next step?" If your ready to place an order, click here


Use Recycled Paper

We recommend using copy paper containing 30% post-consumer waste.  While still more expensive than virgin (non-recycled) paper, the price of recycled paper has been decreasing. And the quality of recycled paper these days is excellent.

Look for these items on i-Buy:

  • Staples®  30% Recycled White Copy Paper, Item: 492071
  • Staples® 100% Recycled White Copy Paper, item: 620016
  • Staples® 30% Recycled Copy Paper in Assorted Pastels, Item: 679481
Reuse Moving Boxes

Recycling Services has all the boxes you need for your next big move. Estimate the number of boxes you need and place your order

When you're done, give them another call and they'll pick them up. 

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Mixed Recycling: Cans, Bottles and Paper

All plastics, paper, cardboard, metal and glass can go into the Mixed Recycling Bins. This includes all plastic containers and films, junk mail, pizza boxes, office paper, packaging boxes, metal cans, clean foil, clothes hangers and all glass containers.

Please do not put food contaminated items in the recycling bin. If any of the items listed above are soaked or covered with food and can not be rinsed off they should go into the trash bin.

To request a Mixed Recycling Bin, contact Recycling Services

Recycle Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges

All printer ink and toner cartridges can be dropped off at either Recycling Services or the Computer Store.

The easiest way to recycle is to leave your used printer ink and toner cartridges for NYU Mail Services. Cartridges will be taken during regular mail pick ups and delivered to Recycling Services for you.

Copier toner cartridges should be set aside for pick up by TGI Office Automation, our copier maintenance vendor.

Recycle Technotrash

Technotrash includes:

  • small electronic devices, such as PDAs and calculators
  • wiring and cables
  • videotapes, disks, CDs, and jewel CD cases
  • small computer components, such as memory and CD drives

To get your own Technotrash Can, contact Recycling Services.

Technotrash is disposed of by Greendisk, NYU's electronic waste disposal vendor. Click here to learn more about Greendisk

Recycle Batteries

Batteries of all types are 'Universal Waste' and must be stored in a sturdy plastic container that should be kept closed at all times.

  • A label indicating that the contents are "UNIVERSAL WASTE -- USED BATTERIES" must be affixed to the container. (Word document for Avery 5163 labels.)
  • Write the date you first place a battery in the container. E.g., "Date of first accumulation: 11/24/2008"
  • When the container is full or it has been one year since the date of first accumulation, contact NYU Environmental Health & Safety to arrange for a pick up. 

NYU Environmental Health & Safety
: 212.998.1450

Updated April 12, 2011