NYU Bookstore Departmental Prepaid Cards

Administration and Finance

NYU Bookstore Departmental Prepaid Cards

Departmental Prepaid Cards may be used at the NYU Bookstore/Computer Store located at 726 Broadway. The card can be used for Departmental purchases only and cannot be used for personal purchases.

Important note: The Departmental NYU Bookstore Prepaid Card is a temporary, transitional solution until a new NYU Bookstore purchasing card is implemented. An announcement will be made when that P-Card becomes available.

  • Cards are available in denominations up to $250.
  • The maximum purchase permitted is $250. Higher priced items must be obtained via i-Buy.
  • Cards may be combined if the balance on one is too low to pay for an item, as long as the total purchase does not exceed $250.
  • The cards are obtained through i-Buy’s NYU Computer Store site.
  • The card will never expire.
  • Items purchased on a department prepaid card will receive a 15% discount where applicable and will not be charged sales tax.
  • If the card is lost or stolen your department can report its number to the Bookstore and the balance will be transferred to a new card.
Card Handling

Designate a Custodian and Alternate Custodian within the department to secure the card and track its location and use. Cards must be kept in a securely locked safe or cabinet away from public view.

Tracking Card Use
  • For each card, maintain a log of purchases made. Record the date, item, purchaser, purpose, price and running balance. Click here for a sample log.
  • As soon as the card is about to leave the department, begin the entry by recording the date and user.
  • It is the responsibility of the Custodian to ensure that receipts for all purchases made on these cards are returned to your department and retained for audit.

Departments may obtain a balance or listing of purchases made on this card at any time by emailing bookstore@nyu.edu or calling 212-995-3054.

Ordering Your Card

Log into the NYU Computer Store via i-Buy:

  1. Go to www.purch.nyu.edu.
  2. Select “i-Buy On-line Shopping.”
  3. Next “Click Here to Enter e-Req/i-Buy’
  4. Follow the login prompts.
  5. From the i-Buy Marketplace select “NYU Computer Store.” 
  6. Choose from the left column “Departmental Prepaid Cards.”
  7. Select the desired denomination, add it to your shopping cart, and follow the next few prompts.
  8. After you submit your order you will be prompted to “Submit Cart to e-Req.” You must take this step in order to actually place your order.

Your order will then be transferred to Procurement’s e-Req authorization process for fulfillment.