Jason Martin


Power Animal Systems  an installation by Jason Martin

October 1st, 2011 - January 14th, 2012


Power Animal Systems asks you to please assist in transmission. There are many creatures beyond our perception, but we have technologies to evoke some. These are attempts to bring inter-dimensional, species-queer, animal/human hybrids into a collective reality. They appear here staring intently at us. What do they want? To live! It is only with your participation and contemplation that we can make them come alive. Please assist us in transmission.

Jason is a Brooklyn-based artist and musician. His artwork traverses multiple formats, pursuing mysteries. His love of glamorous, paganistic animism surfaces in videos, music, installations, drawings, and performances. Topics include: power structures, species and gender hybridity, witchcraft, conflict, rock music, pre-history, analog electronics. Over the years, Jason has exhibited videos internationally under his own name and as a member of groups, collectives, and under various aliases. As a musician, in addition to building an extensive ongoing discography, Jason continues to perform live music and has toured, recorded, or performed with a variety of acts including J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Suzanne Thorpe (Mercury Rev, Wounded Knees, thenumber46), His Name Is Alive, Devendra Banhart, Dan Deacon, Raphe Malik, The Bunnybrains, Lettuce Little, Denim and Diamonds, and many others. Jason recently went back to school and got his Master of Fine Arts degree at New York University, Steinhardt.