Body Building, Body Blurring, Body Breaking

Project Space: IFA Curatorial Collaborative

March 7 - March 10, 2018
Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 7, 5-7pm 

Body Building, Body Blurring, Body Breaking

Jackie Kong and Nathan Storey Freeman both approach art-making through regimented exercises and performance pieces, aimed at deconstructing movement, images, and paradigms therein.


Freeman’s work interrogates the concept of masculinity and the veracity of its image. Indeed, the image itself, as he positions it, is gendered with male pronouns. Through performance, Freeman deconstructs popular media (by cutting, alienating, defacing) and reconstructs a new image in its stead (by pasting, coupling, painting) in wall-bound assemblages that are de-masculinized and queer. Kong is not interested in reconstructing media so much as slipping its noose altogether. With a background in dance, her work grapples with the body and its conceptual and actual faculties. Like Freeman, she questions the implicit institutional expectations for bodies, this time not in magazines and other popular imagery, but in the gallery space itself. Her performances engage the viewers body through instruction pieces that aim to problematize autonomy and interpretation. Material residtue is very rarely left.


Body Building, Body Blurring, Body Breaking engages the deconstruction, repetition, and reconstruction emblematic of Kong and Freeman’s work. Devoid of art objects in the traditional sense, the body of both artist and spectator are drawn into question.

Curator: Phoebe Herland

above, left:
Nathan Storey Freeman, “Pink Triangle Performance”, 2017

above, right:
Jackie Kong, Artist Studio Detail, 2017