Signs as Places

Project Space: IFA Curatorial Collaborative

February 14 - 17, 2018
Opening Reception: Wednesday, February 14, 5-7pm 

Signs as Places
Olivia Chou and Marta Murray have long been preoccupied with the experiences of places, taste of the middle class, and the commercial culture deeply embedded in the American life. Considering the Americana as a mixture of imagined history, fake memories and illusionary nostalgia, Chou and Murray continue their reflection by working collaboratively in this show, transforming the gallery space into a stage set by juxtaposing Murray’s life size collage paintings with Chou’s flattened free standing sculptures.

Interested in representing the lifestyle and taste of the American middle class, Murray draws inspiration extensively from her experience of the rural America, integrating blue highways, the deserts and billboards into her canvas to reflect on the making of places with signs. Directly responding to Murray’s paintings, Chou picks up graphic elements within Murray’s pictorial planes and transform those two dimensional representations into free standing sculptures spreading around the gallery space.

By exposing the audience to this playful stage set, Olivia Chou and Marta Murray create an ambiguous space within the tension between representation and performativity, making the audience both the performer and spectator at the same time.

Curator: Mengyao Wang

above, left:
Marta Murray, “Workhorse”, 2017
Monoprint, gouache acrylic and oil on paper, 9 x 3.5 ft.

above, right:
Olivia Chou, Artist Studio Detail, 2017