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Fall Semester

Taught from New York University’s gallery at 80 Washington Square East, this course sets out to research what is an influential but still under-studied occurrence: the role artists have played as either curators or presenters of their own art as well as others. This class surveys examples of such efforts from the 1970s to the present and includes artists who have disinvented and deliberately misunderstood how works of art are circulated and displayed. The intention is to look at some of the fundamental assumptions one brings to the evaluation of artists and to take a very particular tour through some situations which have yielded a curve. The class will incorporate the following individuals and groups: Colin de Land (American Fine Arts, Co.), Charles Gaines (Theater of Refusal), Louise Lawler, Adrian Piper, Jack Smith (Plaster Foundation), Orchard Gallery, David Hammons, Friezenwall 120, and Bank. Taught by Rhea Anastas, Robert Snowden, and Andrew Weiner. Meets Monday nights at 6:30 pm. Open to all students in all departments.