Panning to the Public

Broadway Windows: Panning to the Public

April 18 - June 10, 2017

Artists niv Acosta, Malik Gaines, Lyle Ashton Harris, and Alexandro Segade, in collaboration with their students in Art and Performance Studies, present a miniature performance festival in the store windows on Broadway and 10th Street. Drawing on the ideas proposed by the window space - commerce, surveillance, and spectacle - the project offers a range of actions related to living, working, and public display. The difficult distinction between public and private is tested in quotidian actions and formal performances that reflect the increasing visibility of contemporary life. 
NYU student artists and performers come from Lyle Ashton Harris' and niv Acosta's "Performance and Media" class in Department of Art and Art Professions in the Steinhardt School, and from Malik Gaines' "Performance of Everyday Life" course in Department of Performance Studies in Tisch School of the Arts; Alexandro Segade's students are part of the course "Performance Mediation" in the MFA Studio Art program at Hunter College, CUNY.  The themes of these course come together in this ambitious intermural collaborative event.
Schedule of Performances:

Wednesday 4/19: 
12:00pm- 4:30pm
Thursday 4/20:
12:00pm- 4:00pm

Saturday 4/22:

Sunday 4/23:

niv Acosta
Lilli Biltucci
Alison Kiss Blair
David Bologna
Shannen Nicole Burton
Christine Choe
Olivia Chou
Patrick Costello
Sarah Creagen
Theresa Daddezio
Marisa Espat
Tim Foley
Malik Gaines
Georgia Galvin
William Garden
Catalina Granados
Lyle Ashton Harris
Rachel Hillery
Celina Huynh
Moni Ilupeju
Carter Johnson
Marta Murray
Elizabeth Naiden
Michelle O'Connell
Ruth Ofrasio
Naomi Piperno
Becky Rosen
Alexandro Segade
Hadar Seminara
Stewart Stout
Molly Taylor
Aarlene Vielot
Ryan Waller
Daniel Walsh
Molly Waterman
Wai Ying Zhao
Julie Zhu