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Class Trip Directory

A comprehensive directory where teachers can search by grade level and curriculum interest for class trips or assembly programs.

Green Issues and Debates: An A-Z Guide

Professor Howard Schiffman authors this complication of over 150 articles. The grayer shades of green are deeply examined, including such heady questions as: Is ethanol production from corn a recipe for famine? Does offshore drilling pose more of a risk to the environment than the problem it solves? Is “clean coal” a viable option or is it simply polluting the energy dilemma? Are genetically modified foods helpful or harmful? Presented in A-to-Z format, the book examines issues brought to the forefront by the green movement with carefully balanced pro and con viewpoints.

EPA- National Service Center for Environmental Publications

New Publications Index

New York League of Conservation Voters Citizens’ Guide to Government and The Urban Environment

The New York City Citizens Guide to Government and the Urban Environment, published by The New York Conservation Education Fund

NY/ NJ Harbor Estuary Program Teachers Guide to Water Resources

Exploring Estuary Education: A Teacher's Guide to Lessons, Activities and Field Trips in the Harbor Estuary Region.

NYC Department of Education- Directory of Science-Rich Institutions

New York City's Department of Education provides a directory of science-rich institutions in the New York area.