The Urban Advantage of Learning Science in New York City: The Role of Science-Rich Cultural Institutions

In this second talk of our series on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education, our presenters take a look at the role of science institutions in supporting science learning.

As education policy increases its focus on science education, science-rich cultural institutions offer a unique opportunity to support and complement science instruction, learning, and professional development. What can we learn about innovative approaches to science education from programs at two New York City science museums?

Guest speakers are:

Lisa Gugenheim, Senior Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Strategic Planning, and Education at the American Museum of Natural History

Preeti Gupta, Senior Vice President for Education and Family Programs, New York Hall of Science

Catherine Milne, Associate Professor of Science Education at NYU Steinhardt

Mary Driscoll, Associate Professor of Educational Administration at NYU Steinhardt