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  • Freshmen and Junior Class President Elections!!
  • Here are the candidates for Freshman and Junior Class President! Look out for their campaigns around campus this week. Voting begins on Friday, September 28 and ends on Monday, October 1 at 12 PM! Look for an email with a link to the ballot. Winners will be announced at that evening's General Assembly meeting at 6:30 PM in the 3rd floor lounge of Pless Hall.

    *Please note that only current Steinhardt students of those classes are eligible to vote for these candidates!



    I am in the Applied Psychology program. I was born and raised in Northern Virginia, a little outside of Washington D.C. I am running for Freshman class president, hoping to plan fun, interesting events if I am chosen. I am especially is interested in exposing NYU students to the many different entertainment and dining options New York City has to offer. My interests are engaging in epic pun battles, reading Harry Potter, and seeing musicals.



    Victoria Li is a freshman studying Media, Culture, and Communication, and she received her name because she was born across the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. However, she grew up in Edison, NJ. She loves online shopping, nail polish, and FOOD.

    She is interested in planning fun and beneficial events for Steinhardt as a whole, such as a 16 handles event exclusively for Steinhardt students and a “speed-dating” event for underclassmen to meet upperclassmen and network. Be prepared for a lot of fun events filled with food (Molly's cupcakes anyone?) and a chance to meet different people from various majors!


    Aarushi is a Junior, studying Applied Psychology and American Sign Language. She's from New Jersey but her true home will always be the beautiful land of Bloomsburg, PA. She loves drinking coffee, photographing, and exploring. This is her first year on the USG E-Board and she's really excited to start planning events. She's on a mission to make getting involved the cool thing to do!

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  • Blogging Fails+MCC+Deme Lovato=Vice President
  • Hey, I don't know how I got here from Shelly's other blog :/

     I’m Shelly Infantolino and I’m the Vice President of Steinhardt USG. I never really know what to do with blog posts, which is extremely evident in my failed attempt to have a tumblr. One of my friends looked at my tumblr once and made me aware that people really aren’t as interested in goats and Brooke Fraser as I am. Of course this was a blow to my ego and I haven’t looked at my tumblr since.

    However, being a newly converted Media, Culture and Communications I feel like I should have some knowledge of the world of blogging. I’m great with the Twitter and the Facebook which inevitably comes up in every media class regardless the subject of discussion, but it wasn’t until this summer, in one of my summer courses, that I started to understand blogs.

    The course was called “Culture Capital: Media and Arts in New York City” and we went all over the city to different media and art organizations such as Google, WNYC, The Apollo Theater, Blue Man Group, and my personal fave, the GMA free Demi Lovato concert in Central Park. Throughout the course of the class I had to blog about one sector of media or arts in New York City and I chose theater. Not only did I learn a ton in this class, I finally started to feel a little bit more comfortable blogging.

    Now don’t expect me to be the next blog superstar or anything, but maybe I’ll have something interesting to say about how great Steinhardt is and how fabulous our undergraduate student government is. Until then I hope to see everyone at our general assembly meetings Monday at 6:30pm!

    I mean, I'll never be as cool as this goat.

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  • Reflections on Elections

  • It’s an interesting thing to hold student government elections at the same time as national primary campaigns are reaching the peak of their ugliness.  America is politically divided in a way that we’ve never seen before.  Cross-party relations don’t seem to be improving anytime soon.  While holding the office of Senior Class President may seem insignificant compared to the political showmanship (or lack thereof) taking place in Washington, it has taught me many things, but one in particular.  Being politically active is very important, especially when one belongs to a diverse community such as Steinhardt. 

    Just as any candidate in a primary election needs to grasp, those that want to represent the student body must take into consideration their constituents.  Students within Steinhardt take on an enormous variety of roles—musicians, teachers, artists, media gurus and health professionals.  There must be people within our school that understand all of that and are willing to cater to that assortment of needs.  This is why we as a student government are so excited to recruit you as the future leaders of this school. Just as in local, state and federal governments, certain things would simply not happen otherwise.  The importance of taking initiative cannot be understated.  I am very pleased to take part in this process, and especially to pass on the torch to younger leaders within NYU.  Thank you to all that applied during this election period and to those who participate in our school and student government outside of elected positions.  Taking part in leading our school is only the beginning for you!

    If you haven't yet applied and would still like to, check out the election application and information packet about available positions on the home page of our website!

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