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Dave's ESL Cafe
This is a comprehensive site for ESL learners. It can also be helpful for ESL instructors, looking for authentic materials and study aids to use in the classroom. This site includes a long list of extremely useful links to a range of topics for ESL instruction.

National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition and Language Instruction Educational Programs
This is the website for the National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition and Language Instruction Educational Programs (formerly NCBE). This site includes an online library, databases, and a large array of Language and Education links. You can also find sample lesson plans, assessment ideas, and news and research in your specific area.

Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)
This is an ERIC website specifically for teachers. It includes information about teacher training and resources that can be used in the classroom. You can also access ERIC digests and other resources form the ERIC databases from this site.

Center for Applied Linguistics
The Center for Applied Linguistics provides in-depth information on key topics such as: Integrated Language and Content Instruction, Dialects, Immigrant Education, Research Studies, and MANY more. This is a "must see" website for content area teachers. There are also links to CAL fellowship programs.

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
The official Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) website offers a wealth of information, news, and resources. The site includes on-line TESOL publications, career development opportunities, books and periodicals, and much more. You can also sign up to be a TESOL member on the website.

Office of English Language Acquisition
The US Department of Education has established the website for their Office of English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement for Limited English Proficient Student (OELA). The name says it all! You can find information regarding grants, resources, financial aid, research, etc.

American Association for Applied Linguistics
The American Association for Applied Linguistics website contains information about organizations, activities, conferences, etc. You can apply for membership and also sign up for free books on this website.

National Association for Bilingual Education

Stephen Krashen

Action Research Links

Action Research Resources

Journal of Educational Action Research (UK)

Teacher Action Research

Action Evaluation Research Institute (Australian, International, some in Spanish)

Action Research Network (for Professors who have assigned AR to students)

Action Research and Curriculum Development (UK)

Literacy and Learning Action Research