Training for All Teachers

Training For All Teachers: About


The Training for All Teachers (TFAT) Project offers the opportunity for middle school content area teachers in the New York City public schools of Region 10 to learn English as a Second Language (ESL) methodology, and techniques for improved quality of instruction to English Language Learners (ELLs).

TFAT focuses on the latest research-proven strategies and methods that assist teachers across content areas in meeting the multiple challenges of the different learning styles and literacy backgrounds of the ELLs in their classrooms. Over the course of two semesters, participants work closely with experienced ESL Coach Teachers in their respective schools, who are trained to help participating teachers translate their new knowledge into actual classroom practices.

The project served IS 52 and IS 218 during the first two years of its existence. Since 2004, TFAT has served IS 90, IS 143, and IS 164 to expand its outreach and efforts to serve as many teachers and students as possible.


Participants take two tuition-free graduate courses, each worth 3 credits. The classes meet for the equivalent of 15 sessions, each one lasting 1 hour 40 minutes, as required by New York University. The first course, offered during the fall semester, is Teaching English as a Second Language Across Content Areas, while the subsequent spring semester course is Language and Literacy Acquisition in the Middle School. Credit for the courses can be transferred to other graduate programs, in addition to helping participants meet new state certification requirements.

Coach Teachers and Intervisitation

Each school has a designated Coach Teacher, who is an experienced, certified ESL professional trained by NYU in specific techniques for working on-site with project participants. Participants are required to observe the Coach Teacher's classes and will, in turn, have their classes observed by the Coach Teacher.

Study Groups

In addition to the regularly scheduled classes, participants at each school will meet with their respective Coach Teachers for two additional sessions each month. These sessions permit participants to focus on a variety of site-relevant topics such as everyday classroom experiences, methodologies and techniques presented in their coursework, assigned reading material, and action research projects.