Department of Teaching and Learning

Special Education

NYU graduates understand that special education is neither a place nor is it a group of students. Rather, special education refers to specialized services or environments modifications, differentiated instruction, adapted curricula or other supports, provided to students with disabilities. NYU students are encouraged to view all children and their families as individuals with varying degrees of skills and untapped potential for quality lives in schools, work, recreation in their communities.

Bachelor's Degrees

NYU Steinhardt's Early Childhood and Childhood Education programs prepare teachers who recognize the capacities, strengths, and needs of all children and their families in urban settings. To meet this challenge, we have created two dual certification programs that are at the cutting edge of the profession.

Special Education (Early Childhood and Childhood), M.A.

The programs in special education prepare teachers for positions working with students with and without disabilities from birth through grade 6. At NYU Steinhardt, we offer M.A. programs designed to meet New York State requirements for the various teacher certificates.