Social Studies Education

Advanced Certificate and MA in Clinically Based Social Studies Education, Grades 7-12

Gain Hands-On Classroom Experience While Studying to Become a Certified Teacher

We are no longer admitting students to this program. Please see our new Teacher Residency program, an MAT in Secondary Education that leads to eligibility for initial certification in teaching social studies to students in grades 7-12. 

In this unique teacher residency program, you will spend a full school year working as a tutor in the Great Oaks Charter School, middle school on the front lines of education reform. Under the close mentorship of experienced educators, you’ll build essential teaching skills and experience while taking graduate courses together with students in our Clinically Based English Education program – on-site as well as on NYU’s campus in New York City – that prepare you to teach social studies in urban middle and high schools.

During your year as a teacher resident, you’ll complete 18 credits of graduate coursework to earn an advanced certificate in Clinically Based Social Studies Education, leading to eligibility for initial teaching certification. Scholarships from NYU Steinhardt and the Great Oaks Foundation will cover your full tuition and fees if you agree to teach in a public or charter school in your community. 

After you earn the advanced certificate, you can choose to complete 12 additional credits for your master of arts degree as you work as a certified teacher in a Great Oaks School or in the community you were serving, receiving an NYU Steinhardt scholarship that covers 45 percent of the MA tuition. You will be eligible for professional certification after three years of teaching. 

What you'll learn
  • A mastery of US and world histories
  • Theories and methods for teaching social studies to middle and high school students
  • Skills and strategies to support the academic development of students affected by poverty and disabilities

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How you'll learn

Teacher Residency at Great Oaks Charter School
From September through June, you’ll spend five days a week working with sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-graders at the Great Oaks Charter School to understand and address their individual learning needs. As a teacher resident and a Great Oaks Tutor Corps fellow, you will tutor a small group of students from a range of socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds – including literacy-challenged students and students with Individualized Education Plans – taking responsibility for improving their academic outcomes.

As a teacher resident, you will:

  • Receive intensive weekly coaching from your classroom mentor and NYU’s on-site Urban Master Teacher
  • Start the school year as an observer and teacher’s assistant, co-planning lessons, analyzing student assessment data, and working with small groups of students. You’ll progress to co-teaching and then to managing your own classroom.
  • Lead classes that focus on strengthening foundational skills and provide one-on-one targeted instruction in Great Oaks’ Saturday Academy, which offers students with additional weekend support
  • Meet regularly with other teacher residents to practice teaching skills, discuss classroom experiences, and review student challenges and achievements

Watch a video about the Great Oaks Charter School and learn more about the Tutor Corps on Facebook.

Explore Classrooms and Other Learning Environments
You will participate in instructional "rounds" led by NYU and Great Oaks faculty, similar to clinical rounds in medical education. Through visits to district and charter schools in the Newark area, you’ll acquire perspectives on the varied needs of students and how to establish a classroom culture to foster success.

Take Courses On-Site and on NYU’s Campus
During the Fall and Spring semesters of your teacher residency year, you’ll take courses taught on-site at the Great Oaks Charter School by NYU Steinhardt faculty. In the Summer semester, you will take additional graduate courses on NYU’s campus in New York City, where you’ll work with other teacher education faculty and graduate students.

Make a Commitment to Children Living in Urban Areas
In exchange for the scholarship you receive toward your advanced certificate, you must agree to teach in the community you were serving, starting the school year following your completion of the Advanced Certificate. You may choose to continue your studies toward the MA during your first year as a classroom teacher.

For more information about this teacher residency program, please contact

Diana Turk
Program Director
East Building, Room 624
239 Greene Street
New York, NY 10003-6647