Social Studies Education

NYU Steinhardt's Social Studies Education programs prepare you to teach history and the social sciences and develop your abilities to research issues in social studies educationWe offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs, including dual degrees and options for teaching certification.

BS in Teaching Social Studies, Grades 7-12

Our undergraduate program is dedicated to producing a new generation of middle and high school teachers who are equipped to generate a real interest in history, the social sciences, and the challenges of active citizenship. Graduates are eligible for initial teaching certification. 

BA in History/MA in Teaching Social Studies, Grades 7-12, Initial Certification (for CAS Students Only)

NYU Steinhardt's Department of Teaching and Learning and the NYU College of Arts and Science (CAS) offer an accelerated dual-degree program in which CAS students majoring in select disciplines can complete a BA in History and an MA in Teaching Social Studies in only five years, combining a broad liberal arts education at the undergraduate level with a professional education at the graduate level, and saving time and money. Graduates are eligible for initial teaching certification. 

New: MAT in Secondary Education, Grades 7-12, Initial Certification (Teacher Residency Program) 

In this embedded teacher residency program, you'll complete online course work and a full-time teacher residency in an urban partner school. Graduates are eligible for initial certification in teaching social studies to students in grades 7-12. 

MA in Teaching Social Studies, Grades 7-12

Our master's programs include options for teaching certification, as well as dual certification degrees:

Advanced Certificate and MA in Clinically Based Social Studies Education, Grades 7-12

We are no longer admitting students to this program. Please see our new Teacher Residency program, an MAT in Secondary Education that leads to eligibility for initial certification in teaching social studies to students in grades 7-12. 

In this unique teacher residency program, you will spend a full school year working as a tutor in a Newark, NJ middle school under the close mentorship of experienced educators while completing 18 credits of graduate coursework to earn an Advanced Certificate in Clinically Based Social Studies Education, leading to eligibility for initial teaching certification. Scholarships from NYU Steinhardt and the Great Oaks Foundation will cover your full tuition and fees if you agree to teach for three years in a Newark public or charter school. You can choose to complete 12 additional credits for your master of arts degree, receiving an NYU Steinhardt scholarship that covers 45 percent of the MA tuition.  

PhD in Teaching and Learning

Our doctoral program has a focus on history, social studies, and global education, and prepares scholars and practitioners to assume leadership roles in education, research, and policy.

For more information about Social Studies Education at NYU Steinhardt, please contact

Diana Turk, PhD
Program Director

Robert Cohen, PhD
Program Director