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Earth Science Lesson Plans

These lesson plans are centered around Key Idea 2 in the NYS core curriculum:

Many of the phenomena that we observe on Earth involve interactions among components of air, water, and land.


Key Idea Major Understanding Link to Lesson PlanBlog Page
2.12.1j, 2.1k, 2.1l Evidence Of A Subducting Plate Click Here!
2.12.1j, 2.1k, 2.1l, 2.1m Stress And Strain
Click Here!
2.12.1c, 2.1e, 2.1f Cloud In A Bottle Click Here!
2.12.1c, 2.1e, 2.1h Lightning Experiments Click Here!
2.12.1s, 2.1t, 2.1u, 2.1v Rocks Click Here!
 2.1 2.1j, 2.1m Layer of the Earth Click Here!
 2.1 2.1j, 2.1m Earthquakes  Click Here!
 Hurricane WebquestClick Here!
 2.1, 2.2
2.1e,  2.2b
 Desert Dwellers
Click Here!
 2.2 2.2a, 2.2b
Solar Hot Dog CookerClick Here!