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Chemistry Lesson Plans

These lesson plans are centered around Key Idea 4, Standard 4 in the NYS core curriculum:

 Energy exists in many forms, and when these forms change, energy is conserved

 Key Idea Major Understanding Link To Lesson Plan  Blog Page
 4.2 4.2c Chemistry In A Bag  Click Here!
 4.4 4.4a, 4.4b, 4.4c, 4.4d, 4.4f Nuclear Chemistry  Click Here! 
4.1   Fonda Thermometers   Click Here!  
4.4 4.4e Radiation Risks Click Here!
4.1, 4.2  4.1a, 4.2a, 4.2b Heat and Temperature Click Here!
4.1 4.1b, 4.1c, 4.1d Thermochemistry: Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions Click Here!
 4.2  4.2c  Kinetic and Potential Energy of Physical Processes  Click Here!