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These lesson plans are centered around Key Idea 3, Standard 4 in the NYS core curriculum:

Matter is made up of particles whose properties determine the observable characteristics of matter and its reactivity.

Key Idea

Major Understanding

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 3.1  3.1q, 3.1r, 3.1u, 3.1cc Atomic Structure and Ionic Bonding Click Here! 
 3.1 3.1q, 3.1r, 3.1s, 3.1t, 3.1u, 3.1cc, 3.1dd  Elements, Compunds and Mixtures   Click Here!
3.1  3.1q, 3.1nn Liquid Nitrogen Fun Click Here!
 3.1 3.1ss, 3.1tt Discover Acids and Bases  Click Here!
 3.1 3.1cc Names and Formulas of Inorganic Compunds Click Here!
 3.1  3.1zz Titrations Click Here!
3.1  3.1ss; 3.1tt Hydronium Ion Concentration and pH Click Here!
 3.1  3.1yy Bronsted-Lowry Acids and Bases Click Here!
3.1  3.1vv, 3.1ww, 3.1xx Acids, Bases, and Indicators Click Here!
3.1  3.1rr; 3.1uu Conductivity of Solutions Click Here!
3.1 3.1a  History of Atomic Theory  Click Here!
3.1  3.1ss  Household Acids and Bases Click Here!
 3.1  3.1b, 3.1c, 3.1d, 3.1e, 3.1f, 3.1g, 3.1m  Structure of the Atom  Click Here!
3.1  3.1nn Mixture Separation Click Here!
 3.1 3.1qq Colligative Properties of Solutions  Click Here! 
3.1  3.1h, 3.1i, 3.1j, 3.1k  Flame Test Lab  Click Here!
 3.1 3.1pp A Cool Drink: Concentrations   Click Here!
3.1 3.1oo Solubility Inquiry  Click Here! 
 3.1  3.1n Weighted Atomic Mass of Vegium Click Here!
3.1  3.1ll, 3.1mm  Entropy: A Very Disorderly Lab Click Here!
 3.1 3.1v, 3.1y, 3.1aa, 3.1bb The Periodic Table: What's the Trend? Click Here!
 3.1 3.1l, 3.1z Valence Electrons and Reactivity Click Here!
3.1 3.1o  Isotope Stability  Click Here!
3.1 3.1p Nuclear Chemistry  Click Here! 
 3.1 3.1q, 3.1r, 3.1s, 3.1t, 3.1u, 3.1w, 3.1x, 3.1cc, 3.1dd Iron and Sulfur Click Here!
 3.2 3.2b Types of Reactions Lab Click Here!
 3.2 3.2d Corrosion Chemistry Click Here!
 3.2 3.2k Create Your Own Activity Series Lab  Click Here!
 3.4  3.4b Kinetic Molecular Theory Click Here!
 3.4 3.4c Kinetic Molecular Theory Relationships Click Here!
 3.4  3.4d, 3.4f  Factors Affecting the Rate of a Chemical Reaction Click Here!
 3.4  3.4g Peroxide Catalysis  Click Here!