Science Education

Sharing Our Success Conference: 2004

The Power of Excellent Teaching

May 19-21, 2004
NYU Silver Center, 7th Floor

Keynote Address
"Are We There Yet? Signposts and Roadblocks to Achieving Scientific Literacy for All"
We have been on the road to scientific literacy for over 200 years, and like weary children, we still ask our drivers: Are we there yet? This presentation discusses the perceptions, practices, and policies that propel our students on their path to scientific literacy.
Dr. Pamela Fraser-Abder, New York University

"Seventh Graders Link Student-Centered Science Inquiry"
Dr. Claudette Giscombe and Dr. Kathleen S. Davis, University of Massachusetts

"Coming to See What's Possible: Middle School Science Student Knowledge Producers Through Project-Based Instruction"
Dr. Kathleen S. Davis, University of Massachusetts

"A Case Study in Professional Development"
Dr. Sandra Flank, Pace University

"The Value of Education Among Puerto Rican Females: A Lesson on Cultural Awareness for the 21st-Century Teachers"
Ms. Karla L. Chiluiza, Andrea Sturtevant, NYU

"The Technology Challenge for Teachers and Teacher Preparation"
Dr. Robert Wallace, NYU

"The Princeton Review Online"
Mr. Antonio Carrion, Dr. Susan S. McKinney, SSA

"Supporting Adult Learning Communities through Teacher Study Groups"
Mr. John Pratt, The Dr. Susan McKinney School

"Satisfactions - I Can Get It."
Mr. Matt Malina, Hunter High School

"What We Learned About Science and Math Teaching at Several Innovative Schools in New York City"
Dr. Michael Kamen, Stephanie Smith, April Mosher, Shannon McAndrews, Patrick Robertson Southwestern University

"A Teacher's Process of Implementing Authentic Assessment in an Elementary Science Classroom"
Dr. Michael Kamen, Southwestern University

"Creative Drama in the Science Classroom"
Dr. Michael Kamen, Southwestern University

"Action Research on Everyday Mathematics in Early Childhood Education"
Ms. Fran Dixon, Fadwa Nacel, and Esther Robles-Sopto, P.S. 112M

"Lessons in Wizardry from Hogwarts Academy: Some Science Magic for Your Classroom"
Dr. Alan McCormack, San Diego State University

"The Yellowstone Park Inter-grade Project"
Mr. Tom Scholz, The Trevor Day School

"Technology in Elementary and Middle School"
Mr. Steve Lewis, The Trevor Day School

"Environmental Education in Urban Settings"
Mary Leou, The Wallerstein Collaborative, NYU
Jay Holmes, The American Museum of Natural History

"Teen Teachers "
Ms. Heather Herrera, Coordinator of Project MUST

"The Use of Texts for Thinking and Learning in Science"
Drs. Sarah Beck and Catherine Milne, NYU

"The Chemistry of Everyday Experiences"
Dr. Catherine Milne, Paraskevi Koulouris, Jessica Monroe, Chris Lazzaro, Jenny Bello, Marsha Palmer NYU

"Inquiry and Standards, Can They Coexist?"
Mr. Blayne Marshall, Dr. Susan McKinney Secondary School
Dr. Robert Wallace, NYU

"Using an Online Component as Part of Supervising Student Teachers"
Ms. Brenda Strassfeld and Dr. Kenneth Goldberg, NYU

"The Integration of Math and Art"
Ms.Carole Mulligan, NYU
Mr. Phillip Seymour, In Sight Education

"What Does a Mathematician Do?"
Dr. Judith McVarish, NYU
Dr. Scott Inch, Bloomsburg University

"Buffalo Science Teachers' Network: The Professional Development, Retention, Leadership, Outreach Spectrum"
Guests from Buffalo Science Teachers' Network

"Secondary Math"
Rhonda Jeffrey, Benjamin Banneker High School

"Billiards Gone Conical"
Ms. Deonca Renee, Benjamin Banneker High School

"Reaching the Unreachable: Incorporating Strategies to Increase Literacy in the Science Areas"
Ms. Sharisse Small and Ms. Dana Thompson, Dr. Susan McKinney Secondary School

"Possessing a Crime Scene"
Ms. Carrie Jeanite, Sheepshead Bay High School

"Brain-Based Learning in the Science Classroom"
Dr. Eric A. Olson, SUNY Oswego

"Accomplishments in Science and Technology"
Mr. Roger G. Hartley, A. Phillip Randolph High School at City College

"Collaborating and Using the Arts to Learn Science"
Mr. Trey Furlow, NYU

"Enhancing Students' Probability Reasoning Abilities"
Dr. Wladina Antoine, Fairleigh Dickinson University