Science Education

Sharing Our Success Conference: Spring 2003

Exceeding the Standards in Math and Science

May 21-22, 2003
NYU Silver Center, 7th Floor

Day 1: The pre-conference dinner for presenters: New York City middle school students shared current studies facilitated by MSTEP and Teacher Opportunity Corps participants that were conducted on their campuses.

Day 2: The agenda for this day involved sharing successful strategies for teaching math and science in urban school settings. Presentations focused upon new math and science standards; strategies for dealing with diversity in the classroom; successful hands-on workshops and classroom activities; teacher-directed, classroom-based action research; scientific and technological literacy for all; and current research findings in math and science. The work of past and current TOC and MSTEP participants and graduates were on display.

Keynote Addresses
"Twenty Years of Learning to Learn to Teach Science"
Dr. Gale Seiler

"What makes Urban Teaching Special?"
Dr. Lois Weiner

"Get Together, Get Out, and Get Dirty"
Brian Robinson, Christodara, Inc.

"Developing Inquiry Activities for the Living Environment Based on NYU's Morse Academic Plan"
Kristina Fanghanel, NYU

"Using Geoboards and Tangrams to Explore Topics in Geometry"
Andrea Majied, M.S. 53

"Take an Idea and Go Creative"
Carla Huck, Director of TeachNet, Teachers Network
Peter A. Paul, Impact II

"Creative Drama in the Science Classroom"
Michael Kamen, Southwestern University

"Real-Life Applications of Middle School Math"
Jessica Urraca, M.S. 113

"Generation Expectations for Student Achievement (GESA) for Teachers and Parents: An Equitable Approach to Student Achievement"
Carol Blunt-White, K-16 Alliance
Alysan Slighter, State Education Dept

"Making Waves Through Radio Journalism"
Jennifer Watt, The Harbor Science and Arts School
Miyuki Jokiranta, Producer, WNYC Radio Rookies

"How to Develop Lesson Plans that Teach Reading in Science"
Alecia Redway, The Frederick Douglas Academy

"Crossing the Digital Divide"
Arlene Weinstein with Ramonita Serrano
NYC Department of Education, District 10

"Sharing the Science Fair Experience"
Gita Bhairam and students, NYU

"Fraction Stencils: The Key to Understanding Fractions"
Matt Malina

"Spending Habit and Expectation Among Ethnicity, Age, and Income"
Richard W. Thomas, Matthew D.L. Deutsch, and Tanju Yorulmazer, NYU College of Arts and Sciences

"Environmental Education in the Urban Setting"
Mary Leou, The Wallerstein Collaborative
Naima Freitas, Project Grow
Allison Godshall, School of the Future

"Creating an Inquiry-Based Classroom"
Nicholas Caruso, Manhattan H.S. Superintendency

"Patterns in Nature"
Trey Furlow, School of the Future

"Using GIS Technologies to Determine Toxic Hot Spots"
Bertin Husbands, Harry Van Arsdale, Jr H.S.

"Activities to Enhance Your Students' Higher-Order Thinking Skills in Geometry"
Brenda Strassfeld, NYU

"Bringing Math to Life: Literacy-Based Projects for the Urban Math Classroom"
Jane Viau, Frederick Douglas Academy

"The Professional Development School Process - Sharing Our Struggle"
Bill Rosenthal, Sue Marsa, Hunter College
Eileen Reiter, Principal, P.S. 112, with three teacher leaders from P.S. 112

"Integrating Environmental Studies into Science from Grades K-8"
Robert Wallace, MSTEP Coordinator

"Inquiry in Science: Using the American Museum of Natural History to Investigate Science"
Jennifer Adams, American Museum of Natural History

"Action Research: Gender in the Science Classroom and Learning"
Heather Page and Jawana Johnson, NYU

"Classroom Activities and Computer Simulations for Teaching"
Wladina Antoine, Fairleigh Dickinson University

"Integrated Math Science Technology Program"
Giuseppina Miller, Pace University
Richard Flacinski, Peekskill High School

"Hands On Pi"
Maggie Phelan, M.S. 136

"The New York Consortium for Professional Development: Promoting Equity in the Classroom"
Valerie Washington, Lehman College, CUNY

"Technology in the Science Classroom"
David Vaders, NYU

"Geometry and the Archaeologist"
Nancy Fleming, NYU

"A Proactive, Teacher-Driven Professional Development Model: The Buffalo Science Teachers' Network"
The Buffalo Science Teachers' Network

"I Teach Who I Am, I Am Who I Teach: Understanding the Differences Through the Eyes of a Teacher"
Tasha Franklin, NYU