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Sci-Ed Innovators Day

The Sci-Ed Innovators conference brings together leading educational, government, and corporate organizations with the Science Education community to develop and transform science teaching and learning with the common goal of creating a scientifically literate society. Speakers and presenters come from NASA, Cisco Systems, New York University, Ashoka, New York Hall of Science, and New York City Public Schools. Read More

What's new and what's successful in science teaching and learning?

On April 29, 2009, colleagues and students of charismatic scientist and educator Cecily Selby gathered at a symposium to honor her legacy by highlighting the important breakthroughs science educators have made--in school and out of school--and to celebrate their passion for the sciences and their successes in communicating that passion to others. These thoughtful leaders, many Steinhardt alumni, shared best practices in presenting science in artistic, technological, environmental, meteorological, community, and personal contexts. Their common objective: to open sci-tech literacy and access to jobs and careers in science to all. Read More

Sharing Our Success in Urban Science and Math Teaching

The objective of the conference is to provide a forum for urban 7th-12th grade math and science teachers, school districts' personnel, and science and math university faculty to meet and share their successful strategies for increasing interest and participation in science and math. The presentations focus on new math and science standards, strategies for dealing with diversity in the classroom, successful hands-on workshops and classroom activities, teacher-directed classroom-based action research, scientific and technology literacy for all, and current research findings in math and science.

April 30 - Sharing Our Success 2010: The Urban Science and Math Challenges for the 21st Century, NYU Silver Center, 7th Floor

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