Pre-2012 Education Minors

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) Minor

Effective Fall 2012, students may no longer declare the General Education Minor or any of the Secondary Education Minors.  These minors have been replaced by the Minor in Teacher Education and the Minor in Global and Urban Education Studies.

If you have already declared the General Education Minor or one of the Secondary Education Minors, do not despair -- this archived website provides information on those minors, including course requirements.

The Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) Minor enables you to complete coursework as an undergraduate in CAS that will reduce the number of credits required of a NYU Steinhardt MA degree in TESOL that will fulfill the requirements for Initial teacher certification. The master's degree will require 30 credits, including student teaching internships beyond the bachelor's degree.

Ideally, you would want to declare the minor and begin taking these courses during your first semester of junior year.  Please be advised that most of these courses require a fieldwork component consisting of classroom observation and participation.  For course descriptions, please see the current NYU Steinhardt Undergraduate Bulletin at

Courses to be taken by CAS Language Majors as a Minor in TESOL (5 Courses, 16 Points)

Six credits in each of the following areas; English, math, science, social studies, and 12 credits in foreign languages.
Junior Year (2 courses, 7 points)
TCHL-UE 0001 Inquiries into Teaching and Learning I (4)
APSY-UE 1272 Adolescent Development (3)
Senior Year (3 courses, 9 points)
LANED-GE 2201 Second Language Classroom: Elementary and Secondary Schools (4)
FLGED-GE 2069 Teaching Foreign Languages: Theory and Practice (4)
TCHL-GE 1999 Social Responsibilities of Teachers: Drug and Alcohol Education/Child Abuse Identification
and School Violence Prevention (1)

Next Steps: Master's Degree in Teacher Education

If the TESOL Minor convinced you to pursue a career in teaching, take the next step and complete your MA degree in teacher education at NYU Steinhardt.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for one of Steinhardt's MA programs in teacher education, you must have completed your TESOL Minor courses with a grade of B or better, and present a strong academic record in your other courses.

Graduate Admissions Information

Graduate admissions and application information is available online via or in person in Pless Hall, 3rd Floor. If you have detailed questions about the application process, please feel free to call the Office of Graduate Admissions at (212) 998-5030.

Applications should be submitted for the fall semester by the deadline of February 1. Be sure to indicate the option code of “FYR” on your graduate admissions application if you will have completed an Ed Minor by the time you enroll in the master's.

Funding your MA Degree

Depending on the subject you would like to teach and the program in which you wish to enroll there may be special funding opportunities for you. Check them out now!

MA Degree - Teaching a Foreign Language, Grades 7-12 (30 Points)

For CAS Language Majors Who Have Successfully Completed the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Minor

Content Core (6 credits)
LANED-GE 2003 Linguistic Analysis (3)
TESOL-GE 2205 Structure of American English (3)
General Pedagogical Core (3 credits)
SPCED-GE 2162 Educating Students with Disabilities in Middle Childhood and Adolescent Settings (3)
Specialized Pedagogical Core (12 credits to be selected from the following)
BILED-GE 2001 Bilingual Multicultural Education: Theory and Practice (3)
LANED-GE 2005 Intercultural Perspectives in Multilingual Multicultural Education (3)
FLGED-GE 2918 Field Experience and Seminar in Foreign Language Teaching (3)
LANED-GE 2206 Second Language Acquisition and Research (3)
LANED-GE 2060 Second Language Evaluation and Assessment (3)
TESOL-GE 2204 Teaching Second Language Across Content Areas (3)
LANED-GE 2040 Teaching Second Language in a Technological Society (3)
FLGED-GE 2914 Workshop in Teaching Foreign Languages (3)
BILED-GE 2203 Linguistics, Literacy, and Bilingualism (3)
Student Teaching (6 credits)
TESOL-GE 2901 Student Teaching in Second Languages: K-6 (3)
TESOL-GE 2902 Student Teaching in Second Languages: 7-12 (3)
Terminal Experience (3 credits)
Individual Advanced Project in MMS (3)

Culminating Experience Seminar in MMS (3)

Teacher Certification

Upon successful completion of the master's degree, NYU Steinhardt will recommend you for New York State Initial Teacher Certification. For the New York State Education Department to issue your certificate you must also:

  • Achieve satisfactory scores on the appropriate New York State Teacher Certification Examinations
  • Complete the NYS fingerprinting process and receive clearance