Pre-2012 Education Minors

Funding the Masters

 Effective Fall 2012, students may no longer declare the General Education Minor or any of the Secondary Education Minors.  These minors have been replaced by the Minor in Teacher Education and the Minor in Global and Urban Education Studies.

If you have already declared the General Education Minor or one of the Secondary Education Minors, do not despair -- this archived website provides information on those minors, including course requirements.

New York City Teaching Fellows

If you plan on applying to the New York City Teaching Fellows upon completion of your bachelors degree, please be advised that you will be considered ineligible for the fellowship if you have completed eighteen or more college credits in teacher education or have a minor in education before beginning training with in the fellowship. Please visit the New York City Teaching Fellows website at for details and eligibility requirements.

Other Scholarship Options

Applicants to certification programs not identified as a high need area will receive consideration for other school-based scholarships provided they meet all applicable deadlines.

For additional information about these and other funding opportunities, please visit Graduate Admissions’ Financial Aid Page or call (212) 998-5030.