Math, Science, Technology Enhancement Project

Theoretical Basis

Under the professional development umbrella, MSTEP is based upon best practice strategies (Loucks-Horsley et al. 1998), and the idea that teaching is part of a cycle that includes comprehending, applying, implementing, and reflecting (Shulman, 1987). The major MSTEP elements are designed to:

  • Develop awareness of the need for change through exposure to new approaches and content;
  • Build knowledge;
  • Encourage curriculum development using the new knowledge;
  • Encourage action research; and
  • Encourage reflection on teaching and learning.

MSTEP provides a safe, professional, collaborative environment in which teachers learn. It provides the basic components of a successful professional development program (Loucks-Horsley et al. 1998) including:

  • A standards-based vision for the classroom;
  • Deep understanding of content, pedagogy, and best practice;
  • The modeling of effective teaching and learning;
  • Building a learning community among participants and within schools;
  • Develop leaders;
  • Linking to the system; and
  • Assessing continually.