Math, Science, Technology Enhancement Project

The Program

MSTEP is in part funded by a grant from the New York State Department of Education, and partners with many private, public, and non-formal institutions. With the New York City Department of Education, MSTEP seeks to:

  • Decrease the number of math and science teachers teaching out of licensure;
  • Increase achievement and interest in math and science for all students; and
  • Encourage the development and implementation of best practice curricula for urban, at-risk students.

Coursework addresses gender and ethnicity, pedagogy, learning standards, action research, and content. Core courses include:

  • Contemporary Issues in Science and Math Education: Gender and Ethnicity;
  • Science and Mathematics Curriculum in Secondary Schools;
  • Supervision of Mathematics Curriculum in Secondary Schools;
  • Measuring Outcomes Assessment in Science Teaching;
  • Using New York City's Non-Formal Science Resources to Teach Science;
  • Research Internships in Math and Science;
  • Applications of Microcomputers to Mathematics and Science Instruction; and
  • Recent Advances in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.