Math Education

MA in Teaching Mathematics, Grades 7-12

We offer the following graduate degree options: 

New: MAT in Secondary Education, Grades 7-12, Initial Certification (Teacher Residency Program) 

Earn your master of arts in teaching in just over one year through this immersive full-time teacher residency paired with online course work. This 30-credit embedded teacher residency program leads to eligibility for New York State initial certification in teaching mathematics to students in grades 7-12. Learn more about this degree

MA in Teaching Mathematics, Grades 7-12, Initial Certification

This variable-credit master of arts program requires 30-40 points, depending on your prior coursework in advanced math, and leads to eligibility for New York State initial teaching certification for grades 7-12. This program also permits you to teach mathematics to grades 5 and 6. Learn more about this degree.

MA in Teaching Mathematics, Grades 7-12, Professional Certification

This 30-credit master of arts program leads to eligibility for New York State professional teaching certification for grades 7-12. In order to apply for this degree, you must have already met the requirements for initial teaching certification. Learn more about this degree.

Our faculty

Members of our faculty are active at the highest levels of professional associations and in current areas of professional research.They encourage and support their students to become actively involved in professional activities and ongoing research projects. Faculty also serve as the directors and coordinators of numerous teacher training and research projects in which students in our programs can participate.

Our current faculty include:

Financial aid opportunities

NYU Steinhardt offers generous scholarships for full-time MA study.

Career opportunities

Our graduates work both within and outside the academic community, in the US and abroad. Alumni careers include the teaching of mathematics and related subjects (including computer science) at all levels from secondary school through college; serving as a mathematics specialist or coordinator in a school or a school district; training new teachers in a college or university; and working in the private sector as a trainer or a specialist in an area of applied mathematics.