Literacy Education

Alumni in Action

Marianne Wiik, 2012
MA, Literacy Education
Principal, Olso Kommune
Oslo, Østlandet, Norway

“I enjoy helping teachers become better teachers, I enjoy being able to make decisions and create a good environment for both teachers and children.”

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Paul Tryon, 2010
MA, Literacy Education
Founder - Building Brainiacs
Manhattan, New York, United States
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“Your grades and your relationships with your peers and professors will stay with you long after graduation. Your professors possess a wealth of knowledge, not to mention some pretty serious connections in the field. Pick their brains while you can, and show them you’re serious about learning. Don’t pretend to be an expert; they don’t expect you to be one yet.”

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Lea Danon, 2011
MA, Literacy Education
Reading Specialist, Columbus Elementary
Mt. Vernon, New York, United States

“My advice for prospective graduates is to make sure you are passionate about education and teaching. Working with the future of our society is not only a huge responsibility, but also an honor. You must be dedicated to the field, open minded, willing to grow, and embrace professional feedback.”

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