Literacy Education

Individualized Instruction

Each tutee receives an individual plan for instruction based on the Diagnostic Evaluation. The tutors select two or three primary goals and one or two secondary goals as their instructional focus. This ensures that our tutees can make accelerated growth in a few important areas. We want them to feel confident and successful as they reach observable learning goals.

Our sessions are busy, fun, and fast paced. Please make sure that your child has used the rest room and had their snack before they arrive. In order for your child to make the most progress possible, we like to stay on task for the entire time frame. The tutors engage the youngest students in 8 to 10 activities during each session, and older students engage in 5 to 8 activities.

Your child will spend at least 50% of the time frame reading increasingly difficult connected text (books, passages, not word lists, not drills) with teacher guidance and varied levels of support. The other 50% of the time is spent working on particular skills that your child needs to develop as a reader and writer. We do not use any packaged programs, but all teaching techniques that our tutors apply are research-based.