Ruth Horowitz Center for Teacher Development

Address: 34 Stuyvesant Street
Suite # 501
New York, NY 10001
Phone: (212) 998-1998

The Ruth Horowitz Center for Teacher Development is committed to a continuum of quality teacher education with a focus on the professional learning needs of teachers, from initial through professional certification. Based in the Department of Teaching and Learning, the Center seeks to develop innovative programs in key areas of teacher professional development: early career support systems for new educators; effective teaching in the content areas; building professional learning communities that support teachers' development; and mid-career learning opportunities for teachers as mentors, coach teachers, or staff developers.

The Center draws on the extensive skills of its resident, field-based projects:

All these projects share a common commitment to high-quality professional development that impacts the lives of teachers, students, and schools. Evaluation of these initiatives contributes important insights about teacher development and school improvement, particularly in the context of New York City public schools.

The Center was established as the result of a generous gift from Mrs. Ruth Horowitz, who devoted her life to education, especially the education of young children. Mrs. Horowitz received her BA and MA degrees from New York University, and went on to develop a reputation as an exemplary teacher through her work in New Jeresy public schools. She served on the New Jersey State Committee for Children and Youth, and was selected as a delegate to the White House Conference on Children. She also received the New Jersey Education Association's Award for Outstanding Achievement and Leadership in Education three times.