New York State mandates all students seeking certification in teacher education satisfy a number of field requirements. All students seeking teacher certification must complete no fewer than 100 hours of fieldwork prior to student teaching and no fewer than two semesters of student teaching. Students seeking certification in more than one area, i.e., enrolled in a dual program, will be required to complete no fewer than 150 hours of fieldwork prior to student teaching. The office is located on the 2nd floor of the East Building at 239 Greene Street.

Office of Clinical Studies

The Office of Clinical Studies was established in 2000 with the specific intent to coordinate all the field-related initiatives of the students and faculty in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Its commitment is to foster a greater collaboration between the Department and the variety of educational settings in NYC and in doing so helping NYU make an impact on education.

Among its goals are:

  • To establish relationships with appropriate NYC public schools and other educational sites for the placement of graduate and undergraduate students
  • To ensure a stronger connection between the campus-based faculty and field faculty and staff
  • To facilitate faculty research in NYC schools
  • To strengthen the transition from theory to practice
  • To provide appropriate mentoring to students throughout their field experiences
  • To support the University's initiative and program with the world of education
  • To play a key role in developing a corps of future teachers
Approved Schools

The office has a network of approved schools that will host students completing all their fieldwork. View the list of cooperating schools.