English Education

Teacher Residency

We are no longer admitting students to this program. Please see our new Teacher Residency program, an MAT in Secondary Education that leads to eligibility for initial certification in teaching English to students in grades 7-12. 

Teacher Residents in the Clinically Based English Education Advanced Certificate Programs spend a full school year in a mentored teacher residency placement, following and participating in the life of the school, teachers, classroom, curriculum, and students through a full public school year, from September through June.


Throughout your teacher residency, you will work closely with:

  • Your classroom teacher every day
    She or he is a highly qualified teacher certified in English/Language Arts.
  • An NYU Urban Master Teacher in English Education, assigned exclusively to the CBEE program
    Ayanna Taylor is a former English teacher and literacy coach in the Newark public schools, and has extensive experience mentoring new teachers in urban settings. She will serve as the Residency Coach for students in the CBEE program.

The Great Oaks English and Language Arts faculty, assistant principal, and principal will also mentor you informally throughout your teacher residency.

Residency Activities

As a teacher resident, you will learn to become a classroom teacher. You will:

  • Be assigned at the beginning of the school year to one English and Language Arts class
  • Begin your experiences as an assistant and observer
  • Become, by mid-year, a co-teacher of this class, responsible for planning the curriculum, teaching, and managing this class
  • Take on, in the second semester, the management of your own class during Saturday Academy

As a teacher resident, you will learn to work with individual students. You will:

  • Be assigned to a small group of individual students, selected by your school's inquiry team
  • Track the students' achievement data
  • Develop routines and manage discipline within your small group
  • Study and discuss samples of the students' work with other residents and teachers 
  • Tutor the students during scheduled Tutorials and in after-school settings
  • Develop and refine instructional materials that support the English and Language Arts classroom

All English and Language Arts classes at Great Oaks are inclusion classes -- general education students and special education students learn together. A number of them are team-taught by English and Language Arts and special education teachers.

A Typical Teacher Residency Day

CBEE teacher residents train closely with the school's staff. Your daily schedule will be varied and flexible and will change over the course of your residency. 

Your day might include:

  • Co-teaching one or two classes
  • Meeting with your mentor teacher to debrief a teaching experience
  • Uploading a video clip of your teaching to a peer group for online discussion later in the day
  • Attending instructional "rounds" with the Urban Master Teacher, Residency Coach, and several other teacher residents
  • Tutoring one or two individual students in your group
  • Helping another English and Language Arts teacher prepare curriculum materials
  • Developing tutorial materials for your small group instruction
  • Helping to supervise lunch in the cafeteria
  • Attending a curriculum planning meeting with the English and Language Arts faculty or a meeting of the school's inquiry team after school

On other days, you might:

  • Help prepare for a field trip
  • Visit classrooms at other schools, including high schools, to enhance your preparation to teach the complete range of grades from 7 through 12
  • Join your mentor teacher for parent meetings
  • Participate in an online or campus-based course
  • Attend a general faculty meeting
  • Participate in data analysis meetings
  • Participate in a special education team meeting
  • Participate in faculty training sessions