English Education

Frequently Asked Questions

We are no longer admitting students to this program. Please see our new Teacher Residency program, an MAT in Secondary Education that leads to eligibility for initial certification in teaching English to students in grades 7-12. 


Can I complete the advanced certificate without also completing the MA?

Yes. The MA is optional. The advanced certificate makes you eligible for initial certification as a teacher of English for Grades 7-12 in New York State. Eligibility for New York State Initial Certification also requires passing scores on the relevant New York State Teacher Certification Exams and fingerprint clearance. Through reciprocity among states, you will also be eligible for certification in New Jersey (you must take an additional exam), which will allow you to teach as a certified teacher throughout the state.

Can I complete the MA without first getting the advanced certificate?

In this teacher residency program with Great Oaks, you must first complete the advanced certificate before you can continue on for the additional 12 credits needed to complete the MA degree.

If you are not interested in a teacher residency experience and are looking for a program with on-campus coursework and student teaching, you may wish to consider our two-year, 36 credit MA program in Teaching English, Grades 7-12

What are the advantages to completing the MA degree?

  • You will take additional graduate-level English content courses during the summer before you start teaching. You may choose from on-campus or study-abroad courses in England to broaden your understanding of literature, writing, and other language arts for middle and high school students.
  • You will receive close mentoring by the NYU Urban Master Teacher during your first “induction” semester as a classroom teacher.
  • You will participate with other English Education graduate students in a final seminar that integrates research with practice.
  • You will be eligible for professional certification in New York State after you complete three full years of paid classroom teaching. New York State and many other states around the country require a master’s degree for professional certification.

Applying for Admission

Can I apply directly to the Clinically Based English Education program?

No. This program is offered in affiliation with the Great Oaks Foundation and is only available to members of their Great Oaks Tutor Corps Urban Education Fellowship Program. Visit the Tutor Corps website for information on how to apply to that program.

Do I need to submit an online application to the Steinhardt School for graduate study?

No. You must first apply to and be accepted into the Great Oaks Tutor Corps Urban Education Fellowship program. We will review your transcripts to ensure you have the required background for undertaking a graduate degree in English Education. If we determine you are a good candidate for such study, we may ask you to fill out a paper application for NYU Steinhardt and to submit additional materials, such as a resume and a personal statement. 

 Are GRE scores required for admission?

If you are intending to begin your studies in Summer or Fall 2015, GRE or Miller Analogies Test scores are recommended but not required.

GRE or Miller Analogies Test scores are required if you are planning on beginning your studies in Summer or Fall 2016 or later.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

What are my options for paying the tuition and fees toward the remaining 12 credits required for the MA degree?

You are responsible for 55% of tuition and all registration/student services fees, which are assessed each term, for the remaining 12 credits required for the MA degree. The Graduate Admissions financial aid website has information on how to apply for federal aid, which may include student loans, how to find external sources of support, and how to use payment plans to pay your tuition.