English Education

Admissions and Financial Aid

We are no longer admitting students to this program. Please see our new Teacher Residency program, an MAT in Secondary Education that leads to eligibility for initial certification in teaching English to students in grades 7-12. 

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the Clinically Based English Education Advanced Certificate programs, you must

  • First be admitted to the Great Oaks Tutor Corps Urban Education Fellowship
  • Have completed a bachelor's degree with a strong overall grade point average and a minimum 3.0 grade point average in English content courses
  • Have completed a major in English in your undergraduate program or the equivalent of 15 units or credits in undergraduate or graduate coursework (note: certification requires 30 credits of English, so if you do not have sufficient credits at the time of admission, you will need to complete additional coursework at NYU or elsewhere to qualify for certification)
  • Have successfully completed study at the college level of a foreign language or American Sign Language
  • Meet the liberal arts requirements for teacher certification in New York State.
  • You are not required to take the GRE or MAT (Miller Analogies Test). If you have already taken one of these tests, however, and wish to submit your scores, we will take the scores into consideration as part of a holistic reading of your application. See how to submit scores for the GRE and the MAT. (Updated 10/06/15)

The Great Oaks Tutor is responsible for submitting transcripts, letter of interest, and resume to the Residency Coordinator who will forward the information of qualified Tutors to the Steinhardt School English Education faculty and the Office of Graduate Admissions for review and an admission decision. Please also be prepared to submit additional materials upon request, including an abbreviated Steinhardt graduate application and a statement of purpose about your interest in this graduate teacher education program and career goals.

To be admitted to the Clinically Based English Education Master of Arts programs, you must successfully complete the Advanced Certificate. The CBEE Program Directors and Urban Master Teachers will provide their recommendations for continuance in the MA degree to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Financial Aid

Teacher Residents in the Advanced Certificate program also receive scholarships from the Great Oaks Foundation and NYU Steinhardt covering full tuition and all fees for the 18-credit program. To maintain your status and funding in the Advanced Certificate program, you must make successful academic progress as determined by the English Education program at NYU, and be an active member in good standing with the Great Oaks Charter School Tutor Corps and abide by the requirements set forth by that program.

Advanced Certificate graduates who wish to pursue and are admitted to the MA degree program receive an NYU Steinhardt scholarship that covers 45% of tuition for the remaining 12 credits required to complete the master’s degree. To maintain your status and funding in the MA program, you must make successful academic progress as determined by the English Education program at NYU, and be employed as a full-time teacher in a community that Great Oaks serves. 

To be eligible for additional sources of financial aid to cover remaining tuition costs, you must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Visit the Graduate Admissions financial aid site for detailed information on additional funding options.

Teaching Commitment

In exchange for the scholarship support you receive from the Great Oaks Foundation toward your 18-credit Advanced Certificate, you must agree to teach in a public or charter school, beginning with the year following completion of the Advanced Certificate. You may continue your studies toward the MA during your first year as a classroom teacher.   

CBEE Advanced Certificate students sign an agreement to fully participate in all Teacher Residency activities. At the conclusion of the Residency year, the Residency coordinator will make every effort to help you secure a position as an English teacher in a public or charter school in the community you were serving. This support includes identifying vacancies, helping you prepare for your demonstration lesson, inviting hiring managers and principals in to observe you, and recommending you to the network of principals of which Great Oaks leaders are a part. Additionally, all Residents must take and pass all relevant New York State and New Jersey State teacher certification exams.