English Education

NYU Steinhardt's programs in English Education prepare you to teach in classrooms where literacy flourishes, reading comes alive, and students investigate issues of personal and social significance.

You will work with our faculty to question and re-envision the English classroom as a space where language – both spoken and written – is a powerful tool for realizing the opportunities of our private lives and public democracy.

A Leader Among English Education Programs

In the 1940s, our program was led by Louise Rosenblatt, whose ideas about the transactional process that occurs when reading redefined the English teacher's task from delivering "correct readings" to creating a safe space for discussion, where students can explore a variety of meanings and their consequences. 

Lou LaBrant, another leader in our program, connected student processes of meaning-making with writing instruction: just as teachers must be open and supportive of student reading responses, written assignments must be meaningful, creative, and incorporate classroom discussion and feedback. Rosenblatt and LaBrant paved the way for English teachers to take student voices seriously. Today, our faculty carry on this teaching tradition, linking the world of the text to the world of the student. 

In a negotiated classroom, the English teacher is responsible for more than providing access to a standardized canon and some privileged view of "culture." Our graduates learn strategies to validate their students' experiences and encourage a wide range of cultural contacts and transactions, from adolescent literature to music lyrics. 

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For more information about English Education at NYU Steinhardt, please contact

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