Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree

The Department of Teaching and Learning at NYU Steinhardt is a dynamic setting for future teachers who want to contribute to reform in teacher education, research, and service to urban schools. The Department is a central component of a School and a University committed to excellence and to assembling a world-class faculty. NYU is not merely in New York City, it is of New York City, and our teacher education programs are enmeshed in all aspects of education in New York.

The Department has an impressive record of local and national leadership in its several fields, and is an exciting place for professionals to grow. We welcome colleagues who are prepared to work with us to influence the future of urban schools. We are convinced you will find NYU a supportive environment for work where the only limits on what you can achieve will be your own creativity and imagination.

Skills for the Present, Vision for the Present and the Future

NYU Steinhardt is committed to preparing teachers who meet the highest standards of their profession. Teachers graduating from our programs know their subjects and how to teach them. They know children and adolescents and how to help them learn. They understand the complex realities of 21st-century schooling and are prepared to succeed in helping all children grow and develop. This moral commitment to equity and social justice is accompanied by a deep commitment to excellence. The NYU teacher is a lifelong learner who will keep meeting the ever-new challenges of teaching.

NYU’s teacher education curricula recognize that education today is marked by competing demands and ongoing disagreements about methods and goals. To prepare teachers to work effectively in this exciting but difficult environment, we have designed our teacher education curricula to ensure that each of our graduates will have the understandings and the skills they need to succeed. In order to do so, we do not hide from the hard issues facing teachers: we embrace them so that they can be understood.

NYU teachers are the embodiment of self-renewing people who develop throughout their careers in collaboration with, and as an influence on, a growing circle of colleagues. NYU teachers are encouraged to work adeptly with change by understanding it as an intrinsic element of their personal and professional lives. NYU teachers have continually displayed their ability to remain committed to working in the dynamic environment of the classroom.

A Curriculum Rooted in the Classroom

One of the central features of the NYU teacher education curricula is that they are strongly rooted in the schools. From the first semester of the first year of study at NYU, all future teachers observe and gradually participate in the processes of teaching and learning with children and adolescents. Whether students are studying learning theory or curriculum or methods, the questions asked and the issues posed derive from and in turn are tested in the crucible of practice. The extent and duration of these field experiences gradually increase, climaxing in at least two full-fledged student teaching experiences in two different schools during the senior year.