Bachelor's (Undergraduate) Programs

The Department of Teaching and Learning is a dynamic setting for future teachers who want to contribute to reform in teacher education, research, and service to urban schools. Our Undergraduate Programs are a central component of a School and a University committed to excellence and to assembling a world-class faculty. NYU is not merely in New York City, it is of New York City, and our teacher education programs are enmeshed in all aspects of education in New York. Read More


Among the careers you can choose, teaching has one of the best futures. No other career offers you so much diversity and so many options. You can select the age group you would like to work with - from youngsters in preschool or elementary school to teenagers or adult learners - and the subject you would like to teach. Read more

Accelerated Dual BA/MA Programs (for CAS Students)

The Department of Teaching and Learning and the College of Arts and Science offer several accelerated dual-degree programs that allow students majoring in selected disciplines to simultaneously complete both their BA from the College of Arts and Science and an MA in Teacher Education from the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development in only 5 years.

Students admitted to one of the BA/MA Teacher Education programs can, with careful planning, earn both degrees in a shortened time and at less cost than is normally the case. These programs combine the benefits of a broad liberal arts education at the undergraduate level with a professional education at the graduate level.

All dual-degree programs qualify graduates for initial certification as a teacher in grades 7 through 12 in New York State and most states around the country.

Master's Programs

NYU Steinhardt prides itself on being a private university in the public service. In our master's programs, that service focuses primarily on public schools and the ongoing crisis in urban education. Our MA students see themselves as teachers and researchers on the front lines of the battle to revitalize urban education. Read More

Doctoral Programs

Our doctoral programs aim to prepare students to assume a variety of leading roles in education, research, and policy across the United States and throughout the world. Built on the traditions and achievements of the oldest graduate school of pedagogy in the United States—founded in 1890—the department’s programs are designed to draw on four sources of learning. Read More