Department of Teaching and Learning

Developing Chinese Language Teachers


Resources for Schools:

Asia Society Tools for Starting a Chinese Language Program

 Fairfax County (VA) 4-year Chinese curriculum (Grades 7-12)

Minnesota's Department of Education has put together a comprehensive plan for Chinese programs, available on their website.  Of particular interest, for their clear and easy formats, are the textbook review tables on pages 30-38, review of standardized assessments on pages 52-54, and comprehensive curriculum plans which starting on page 57.   (PDF)


Montgomery County Public Schools (MD) offers a curriculum blueprint for middle and high school Chinese, as well as rubrics for oral, presentational and cultural skills.

Guidelines for a FLES program, also from Montgomery County Public Schools. 

 AP Chinese Language and Culture Course Home Page 

Resources for Teachers:

What We Can Learn from the IB Classroom

Understanding the Standardized Assessments.

Classroom Management :  Videos and documents from Chinese Teachers for Chinese Teachers

Effective Classroom Teaching and Learning

Games for Teaching Chinese

Education in the U.S. and China:  A Comparative Perspective

Using Songs to Teach Chinese

China Institute has created a new online resource center for Chinese Language Educators: 

The Mandarin Center™ is a free resource website for Chinese language educators.Visit the website to find resources for your classroom or Chinese program, andto connect with other educators and share ideas.

CLTA-GNY has created a "Powerpoint Swap Center" where Chinese teachers can share resources, including Jeopardy games.

Online Chinese Language Newscasts

A comprehensive listing of technology resources for Chinese teachers, compiled by the Technology and Chinese Language Teaching (TCLT)  Standing Committee.

Teacher and Classroom Websites

Elizabeth Yu Ellsworth, Herricks School District

James Rolle, The Brearley School

A Chinese Teacher in Sweden

Wang Xuan's Chinese Website

Practice, a blog written by Chinese teachers all over the world. The posts include dialogues, written text, vocabulary lists, helpful grammar, useful expression and even interesting posts on the ins and outs of teaching and learning Chinese.

 Curriculum and Lesson Planning


Offers a series of online videos of teaching Chinese in action, as well as other languages

* CLASS has many resources for teachers

* Nanduti is a project of the Center for Applied Linguistics, dedicated to the Foreign Language Teaching in K-8.

* AP Chinese Language and Culture Course Home Page

* Chinese Resources, provides a variety of resources for the teaching, learning, and study of Chinese language and culture.

* Overseas Chinese and Culture Education Online

* 香港大学中文教育研究中心 中文教育网

Chinese Teaching & Learning Tools


   * Not only does this site have a great dictionary but it also allows you to save your vocabulary lists so you can review them often.

   * You can search for words by Chinese, Pinyin, or English definition. Very comprehensive.

   * Search for words by pronunciation, radical, stroke count or English definition. There are also many interesting FAQs about characters on this site.

II. Pinyin

   * A GREAT site for listening to pinyin and tones.

   * Chinese Tone Game

   * Pinyinput: Software on your PC or Mac to type pinyin

III. Chinese Characters

  * Gridded Paper

  * Flashcards

  * Character worksheets

  * ACCESS(Advanced Chinese Character Electronic Search System)

  * Chinese Input Method Editor

  * Sougou: the most popular and easiest  Chinese character input software

  * Correct Stroke Order

  * Chinese Character Writing Game

  * A site with animated character stroke order

Other Chinese Learning Resources  

  *100 Free Resources to Teach Yourself Chinese

  * Steps of Chinese  has conversation videos, pinyin with audio, character lessons, interactive games, and much more.

  * Chinese Pod: one of the top online Chinese learning websites in China. It offers many multimedia resources for Chinese teaching and learning.

 * Learning Chinese Online

 * Online Mandarin Tools

Professional Organizations

Chinese Language Teachers Association of Greater New York (CLTA-GNY)

Chinese Language Teachers Association

Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS)

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Other Useful Links:

ECNU-Learning Chinese Online

National Taiwan University

Language and Linguistics

National Council of State Supervisors For Languages

National Capital Language Resource Center