Developing Chinese Language Teachers

Successful Programs, New Programs, New Challenges

 New Challenges:

PS 94 -- Dual Language Class Presenters: Yibo Lu and Xuange Liu

As new teachers in PS 94, Yibo Lu and Xuange Liu shared their lives in the classroom and their struggles, and introduced how they overcame the challenges.  



Successful Programs:Lycée Français de New York -- Mandarin Program  Presenter: Lynn LinLycée Français is a French school in Manhattan. Its Mandarin program started in 2005 by the parents' request. Lynn Lin, a Mandarin teacher in her fourth year in the school, introduced the Mandarin program and her teaching experience in her presentation. 


New Programs:
Mando Mandarin and Online Chinese Learning
Presenter: Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng, the founder of Mando Mandarin, talked about the unique aspects of online Chinese programs.


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New Program:
Avenues: the World School

Presenter:  Robert Mattoon

A brand new school, Avenues: the World School, is coming in 2012. In his presentation, Robert Mattoon introduced the Chinese program in his school and some recruiting information as well. The Avenues School will offer a Chinese immersion program in grades Pre-K to 4, with Chinese as a foreign language offered in the higher grades.


New Challenges
Presenter: Keyi Qin
Another new teacher, Keyi Qin, tries to find connections between the teaching content and students' interests. She uses music to conquer her new challenges.