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May 11, 2012

“Rock That Movie” Presentation of Prizes Ceremony:

This is the ceremony of the First “Rock That Movie” Chinese Movie Dubbing Contest. The participants are from Bing Qiu's Chinese Program at Bronx Science High School, and Xuan Wang's Chinese program at Suffern High School. This contest is fully supported by The Project for Developing Chinese Language Teachers (DCLT) at NYU.

Winners of 'Most Creative Movie': “Shopaholic” by Noor Anvery, Ben Silver, Hannah Lipstein, and Chloe Lichtenthal of Suffern High School


 “Rock That Movie” Presentation of Prizes Ceremony-Most Creative Movie from NYU DCLT on Vimeo.

Winners of 'Best Movie': “John Gets a Special Letter” by Anne Qiu and Ryan Chiew of Bronx Science High School

“Rock That Movie” Presentation of Prizes Ceremony- Best Movie (Teacher Cup) from NYU DCLT on Vimeo.

The Art of Fundraising

Presenters: Students of Millennium High School Chinese Program

Introduction: Students presented the activities they did, such as paintings, handicrafts, and various performances, during the school's annual fundraising event.

A Trip to China

Presenters: Ying Huang of Albert Leonard Middle School, students of Albert Leonard Middle School Mandarin Class, students of Daniel Webster Elementary School Mandarin Class

Introduction: Ying Huang shared her experience of organizing and arranging a trip to China with us. Her students went to three cities in China -- Shanghai, Suzhou, and Beijing. Ying showed us what they did, what they learned, and how they felt throughout the trip.

DCLT Forum May 2012: 'Trip to China' By Ying Huang

A Trip to China by Ying Huang from NYU DCLT on Vimeo.

Second American Pop Culture Contest

Did you enjoy our first American Pop Culture Contest? Here comes the second one! Try our quiz here to get ready for the next time and win the prize!



2nd American Pop Culture Contest from NYU DCLT on Vimeo.