Developing Chinese Language Teachers

Culture in the Target Language, Strategies for K-12 and Beyond, Co-Sponsored by China Institute

March 8, 2013


Storytelling and Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom

In this presentation, Grace Wang and Caroline Petters of New York University demonstrated the importance of incorporating the aspects of technology as a teaching medium with traditional storytelling methods to create a new way of teaching children from K-12.




Culture in the Target Language

Pauline Huang, a Chinese teacher from St. Hilda's & St. Hugh's School, demonstrated how to incorporate real-life experience in Chinese culture in teaching. She taught the audience several songs to be sung in preparation for trips to Chinatown/Flushing to help order food.





Chinese Dance

In Xialei Yue's presentation, the audience was shown various ways to incorporate art, dance, and other expressive arts into teaching to help teach K-12 students. These methods include the use of sashes, fans, etc. We also got to see comparisons between Chinese expressive art and the expressive arts of other cultures.