Developing Chinese Language Teachers

Holiday Party: Games, Projects and Songs Swap Shop

HSK and YCt Exams

Presenter: Leon Chen, Project Manager, New York Center for Chinese Study Fellows

HSK And YCT Tests by Leon Chen from NYU DCLT on Vimeo.


Rock That Movie Contest Announcement:
Presenter: Bing Qiu



Rock that Movie Contest Announcement by Bin Qiu from NYU DCLT on Vimeo.

Warm-up Activity: Are You Busy on Monday?

Presenter: Pauline Huang


Are You Busy on Monday by Pauline Huang from NYU DCLT on Vimeo.

Presentations: Games, Projects, and Songs

Presenters: Hui Altman, Ammy Chau, Fang Fang, Wenhui Gu, Irene Lam, Lu Li, Haiwen Lu, Lin Rao, Jennifer Wu-Pope, Yun Qin, Yana Yu, Chinese CUBES